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Harrycroft Quarry

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd were commissioned to carry out ecological surveys of a disused quarry in South Yorkshire in advance of plans to re-open the quarry. The surveys identified several habitats on the site including a number of ponds. Subsequent great crested newt surveys identified a medium sized population of great crested newts on the site.

Following the great crested newt surveys the site was discussed with Natural England and a licence was obtained using Natural England’s Pre-Submission Screening service to allow the works to continue alongside mitigation works for the great crested newts.

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd organised and supervised the erection of amphibian fencing on the site and have carried out extensive exclusion works moving thousands of great crested newts and other amphibians to the agreed receptor site.

Works were carried out to create long term receptor sites on the quarry and in the surrounding land with newts being moved to the receptor sites once complete. Following the exclusion works the natural ponds were destroyed.

Monitoring surveys were carried out during 2018. The surveys showed that the receptor site had become established with great crested newts identified as being present throughout the newly created ponds on the site. Further monitoring will continue in subsequent years, in line with the Natural England licence.

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