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Hazel Dormouse Surveys By Whitcher Wildlife

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd has experience in all aspects of hazel dormouse surveying and mitigation and several of our surveyors hold licences to survey for hazel dormice throughout England.

Dormouse surveys can be extensive, but begin with an assessment of habitat suitability and connectivity. Where the habitat is assessed as suitable further surveys are required to accurately establish the presence or absence of the species.

Surveys for natural dormouse nests or feeding remains can be time consuming, difficult to carry out and inaccurate. Our surveyors will assess the habitat on a site and will carry out a search for nests and feeding remains although where habitats are suitable it is more appropriate to carry out detailed surveys to establish the presence or absence of the species.

Detailed dormouse surveys require nest boxes or tubes to be erected in the vegetation on site early in the season. These boxes are then checked monthly for dormice or dormouse nests with checks being required throughout the season to ensure an accurate result.

Our team are experienced in locating nest boxes and tubes within a site to obtain the best results from a survey. We are also experienced in checking dormouse nest boxes and nest tubes.

The findings of our hazel dormouse surveys will be prepared into a comprehensive report outlining the survey findings, evaluating the impacts of any proposed works and making any recommendations necessary.

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