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Crayfish Surveys By Whitcher Wildlife

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd has experience in all aspects of crayfish surveying and mitigation with most of our employees holding licences to survey for White Clawed Crayfish in England and several being registered under Natural England’s licence to catch and relocated White Clawed Crayfish to allow the maintenance of waterbodies (CL23). Licences are not required to survey for crayfish in Scotland and Wales.

Crayfish surveys are carried out through an initial site assessment followed by more detailed survey using the survey method appropriate to the site in question, whether that be a detailed hand search, torch searching during the night time or trapping. Surveys are optimally carried out between July and October to avoid the breeding season and periods of reduced activity during the winter.

Invasive hand searches will look to directly identify crayfish within the water with any crayfish identified being captured to allow a species identification to be made. Where the water is too deep to allow a thorough hand search torch searching at night time or trapping will be carried out. Prior to traps being set we will seek permission from the Environment Agency or appropriate controlling body.

Our team have experience in and are equipped to carry out all forms of crayfish survey and will assess a site to establish the applicable survey method.

The findings of our crayfish surveys will be prepared into a comprehensive report outlining the survey findings, evaluating the impacts of any proposed works and making any recommendations necessary.

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Species We Deal With

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