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Information Regarding Our Equipment and Certifications

All of our surveyors hold the appropriate survey licences and are equipped with a van and suitable equipment to allow them to carry out the required surveys in a safe and thorough manner.

Where more specific surveys or mitigation are required we hold several certifications and a large stock of additional survey and mitigation equipment that will allow us to carry out the surveys safely and with minimal delay.



Whitcher Wildlife Ltd is audited to five stars under the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) ensuring that we have suitable safe systems of work in place for works throughout the railway industry.

Acclaim Accreditation

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd has an Acclaim Accreditation, a Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) scheme, ensuring that we have suitable health and safety standards for work carried out throughout a range of business sectors including construction.


Whitcher Wildlife Ltd is a Gold member of Constructionline, one of the UK’s most connected and progressive providers of procurement and supply chain management services.

Railway Qualifications, PTS, IWA and SSOW Planner

All of our employees are PTS and IWA qualified and we have two SSOW planners. Therefore we can arrange and carry out works on the railway network with no requirement for additional safety cover, where there are no restrictions preventing work in this manner.

CSCS – Construction Skills Certification Scheme

All of our employees are CSCS qualified to a suitable level for our works.

Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue

We have two surveyors trained in tree climbing and aerial rescue allowing us to carry out detailed tree inspections for bats, nesting birds or other species.

Confined Spaces

We have three confined spaces trained surveyors allowing us to carry out works within confined spaces when supported by the required safety personnel and equipment.


All of our surveyors are equipped with a van containing all of the equipment and PPE required to carry out surveys.

We have a range of equipment allowing us to carry out surveys and mitigation with no additional delays or costs associated with hiring the required equipment.


We have a canoe and a larger two man boat, plus all associated safety equipment, allowing us to carry out detailed surveys of the banks on larger watercourses where access from the bank using waders is not possible or safe.


We have a number of endoscopes that, when combined with a licenced surveyor, allow us to carry out more detailed inspections of structures and trees for bats or other species.

Pole Cameras

We have several 8m extending inspection cameras that allow us to inspect buildings, trees and other features with no requirement for ladders or other forms of elevated working. This allows a single surveyor to carry out a more thorough inspection from ground.

Anabat Bat Detectors

We have several Anabat stand alone bat detectors (SD1, SD2, Express and Walkabout) along with additional GPS units, lock boxes and microphone extensions. In addition to providing valuable additional information during dusk emergence or dawn swarming surveys these units also allow us to carry out detailed automated or transect bat surveys throughout a variety of situations and habitats.

Video Camera’s

We have a number of video cameras with tailor made infrared light setups allowing us to record bat movements during surveys for later analysis.

Camera Traps

We have camera traps with infrared recording and motion sensors that allow us to monitor animal movements over long periods without the requirement for a surveyor present on the site.

Crayfish Traps

We have a stock of crayfish traps allowing us to carry out trapping surveys, once the required consents have been obtained, to establish the presence or absence of the species where invasive hand searches are not suitable.

Badger Exclusion Gates and Electric Fencing

We have a large stock of tailor made badger exclusion gates. Our gates are constructed from heavy duty steel and powder coated allowing the gates to be used in all situations. Where tied in with meshing the gates create a substantial barrier preventing badgers from excavating back into a sett during the exclusion process.

In addition to our metal exclusion gates we also have a stock of wooden exclusion gates and electric fencing for use on sites where the traditional exclusion method is not suitable.

Water Vole Traps

We have a stock of Sherman traps suitable for trapping water voles allowing us to carry out water vole trapping and translocation works under licence.

GCN Traps

We have a large stock of great crested newt bottle traps ensuring that we have sufficient traps to carry out large amounts of great crested newt survey work throughout the survey season.

Reptile Refugia

We have a stock of artificial refugia that can be laid out to allow detailed reptile surveys to be carried out.

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Species We Deal With

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