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Otter Surveys By Whitcher Wildlife

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd has experience in all aspects of otter surveying and mitigation. Our employees have prepared mitigation strategies for work in areas with otters and have held several licences covering works that will impact on otters.

Surveys for otters generally include a visual survey of the watercourse to assess the suitability for otters to be present. Where the habitat is appropriate a thorough survey will be carried out to identify any otter field signs, including holts, couches, prints, slides or spraints. Otter surveys can be carried out at any time of the year, although vegetation cover and weather conditions can be a restricting factor.

Our surveyors are experienced and equipped to carry out otter surveys on all sites. Initial assessments can be carried out from on the banks, from within the water, using wellies or waders (where safe to do so) and we also have a boat enabling us to safely carry out detailed surveys where the habitat will not allow safe access into the water using wellies or waders.

The findings of our otter surveys will be prepared into a comprehensive report outlining the survey findings, evaluating the impacts of any proposed works and making any recommendations necessary.

If additional information is required regarding how otters utilise a site we also have camera traps that can be used to monitor otter movements throughout a river corridor or around a specific structure.

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Species We Deal With

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