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Badger Surveys By Whitcher Wildlife

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd has extensive experience in all aspects of badger surveying and translocation. We have held licences to disturb and exclude badgers throughout the UK and several of our team are registered to carry out exclusion works in England under the Natural England Badger Class licence (CL35).

Our surveyors are experienced in carrying out badger surveys of sites at all times of year, although the low levels of vegetation during the autumn and winter make surveys at these times easier to carry out and more accurate.

Initial badger surveys will look at the badger activity on and around a site. The surveys will look to identify and categorise any badger setts present and will look at badger activity around the site, including paths, dung pits, latrines and foraging signs. This will allow an assessment to be made of the way that the badgers utilise the site and the potential impact of any proposed works.

Where more detail is required on how badgers utilise a site an extended badger survey will look into the surrounding area to allow the identification of assumed territorial boundaries and neighbouring badger clans. These results can then be confirmed, if required, with a ‘bait marking’ survey, which uses a technique of feeding coloured pellets to each clan of badgers to accurately identify the extent of the clan territories and the location of the territorial boundaries.

The findings of our badger surveys will be prepared into a comprehensive report outlining the survey findings, evaluating the impacts of any proposed works and making any recommendations necessary.

On occasions where the survey work identifies that badger exclusions or artificial badger sett construction is required our team have a wealth of experience in artificial sett construction and we hold a large stock of equipment for the exclusion process, including one-way exclusion gates, electric fencing and materials for reinforcing during the exclusion.

We also have a tried and tested artificial badger sett design that can be constructed in one day by two of our team. The design is flexible, compact and discrete allowing us to tailor the design of the sett to the site.

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