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Licensing and Mitigation Based Services

Whitcher Wildlife Ltd will outline in an initial site survey report where a site specific licence may be required to cover work due to the presence of a protected species on a site. We will also advise on the level of survey required to support the licence application process.

Once the survey works have been completed we will guide you through the licence application and mitigation process, preparing the licence application on your behalf. We will discuss suitable mitigation and compensation to ensure that the favourable conservation status of the species is maintained but also ensuring that the mitigation meets the requirements for the site.

Mitigation must be considered first. From the point of view of the protected species the first priority is to avoid the impact altogether. From a developers point of view the first priority is to maximise the utilisation of available land for whatever chosen objective. Our team will assist in determining a package that is a compromise. The final arbiter will be the Licensing Authority. They will decide whether there is sufficient mitigation in the package to maintain the favourable conservation status of the species.

There are a wealth of options that can be considered under mitigation such as setting aside a proportion of the development as a wildlife habitat, retention of habitats, provision of wildlife corridors, among a variety of other options.

Timing is also an important consideration. Clearly with all species disturbance during the breeding season should be avoided. With some species it is also advised to avoid disturbance during the winter when the species is in hibernation.

Compensation involves providing a replacement to something that is lost to at least the equivalent of what was there before.

Once the mitigation package has been drawn up, agreed and, where appropriate, the planning permission has been passed, we will then guide you through the licence application process.

We have extensive experience of the licence application process and have held mitigation licences for a range of species with Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and Scottish Natural Heritage. We will guide you through the licence application process preparing the licence documents on your behalf and becoming the named ecologist on the licence enabling us to guide you through to the completion of the works.

Once the licence has been issued we will continue to work alongside the licence holder ensuring that the works are carried out in line with the licence. Advice will be given on the installation of mitigation and on completion we will monitor the mitigation to ensure success.

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Species We Deal With

Species We Deal With

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